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About Us

The Fraternal Association of Radio Control Modelers (FARM) was founded by Chuck Ferrell, and Joe Pennington. The club's first meeting was held on February 27, 1989. The first five members were Chuck Watson (President), Chuck Ferrell, Frank Williams, Bill Brown, and Joe Pennington, with a first Treasure's report of $180.00

The clubs first location was developed with the hard work of cutting trees, laying out the runway, seeding, fertilizing and making a road. On March 31, 1989 the Club received its AMA Charter # 2574 and the Kerr Flying site was established. The club was incorporated to a non-profit corporation on January 17, 1970. The first Fun Fly was held on October 7, 1989 and had 28 pilots. The first New Year's Fly-in was on January 1, 1990 with Jimmy and Melba Hobby providing coffee and cookies to keep everyone warm. The Kerr site was further developed in early 1991 with a 150 X 24' paved runway adjacent to the grass runway. And the membership had grown to over 100 members in just 3 years. At a great disappointment, the 152 acres on which the Kerr field was located was sold in late 1995. With the new land owner not willing to renew the lease the club had to move.

The Cottonwoods flying site was developed and was up for flying before the end of 1995. The Cottonwoods site already had a north-south grass full scale runway, so transitioning it to a RC site didn't require as much work. After 7 years at the Kerr Field, and now 6 years at the Cottonwoods site, the club was faced with relocating once again due to the sale of the farm on which the club was leasing.

The FARM club relocated to a sod farm north of Hwy. 70 not far from the original Kerr site. This location hosted the club while another location was being sought out. Johnny Westbrook located a new site near Wrightsville and work began. A road was cut and the runway was disked, smoothed out, and planted. With the hard work of the club, by mid-year 2002 the current site was up and running. A club house, covered deck, starting stations, sprayer, bush hog, and a tractor all added to the field. At first the field had a drainage issue and heavy rains were a problem. Thanks to Harvey Harrington and his equipment, the problem was solved. He surveyed the area, found where all run off water crossed our field, and diversion channels were cut. A few tons of Fly-Ash made for a more solid parking lot. Our club now has a 700 x 135 ft. runway with no obstructions or sound issues.

With the conclusion, we would like to give special thanks to all of those who devoted to the growth of the club, turning it into such a great club.